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Local Attractions

Project Ended in June 2005

Photography exploring Bristol as a place and the people who live there that richly reflect the city’s own unique identity.

mr_hopkinson's online interactive video sample orchestra

Project Ended in June 2005

An interactive sound work in which you can trigger a curious cacophony of surreal sound and moving mayhem with your mouse

90 Second Challenge 2005

Project Ended in June 2005

Over 140 films made by people from across Bristol, the site also includes a range of resources for aspiring filmmakers.

Digitised: Communities Online

Project Ended in December 2004

An early digital engagement project (2003/4) that extended Watershed’s work with sections of the community without access to digital technology.


Project Ended in November 2004

Young South West filmmakers explore what culture means to them in this selection of snappy 90 second short films.

Screen Beats

Project Ended in November 2004

A collection of music videos created by groups of young people in Cornwall through after school digital media clubs.

Catch Me If You Can

Project Ended in June 2004

Documentation of a five day residency at Watershed to create a prototype of a multi player adventure game using mobile technologies.


Project Ended in May 2004

An interactive online installation using screen based contemporary dance to infuse new media art with the qualities of performance.


Project Ended in March 2004

IdeasMart was an exploration of what makes a meaningful, engaging web experience that happened over four weeks in 2004.


Project Ended in January 2004

Complete artist Dane’s online test and find your perfect partner. LoveMatch was the result of the fifth Clark Digital Bursary.


Project Ended in October 2003

A digital jukebox tested in Watershed that invited customers to vote for their choice of music to be played.