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A year-long season of events reflecting on cinema from 2000-09 and the films that began to define a new century of cinema.

The first decade of cinema a century ago was a period of great innovation and experimentation in moving image. Reflecting on this initial golden era, Decalogue examined whether cinema from 2000-2009 - a century later - demonstrated new levels of maturity. Has filmmaking developed? Are there films from the first decade of the second century that show changes in the language of cinema that will provide new areas for exploration? Is cinema an artform with a future?

Throughout 2010 a series of monthly events took place at Watershed featuring selected films that could be seen as defining a new century of cinema. Each event featured a film screening and discussion, which are available to view here.

Decalogue is most of all a debate and a discussion about cinema, so get involved and share your thoughs. Are the films that have been chosen the films of the year, do they represent the future of cinema? Visit to add your thoughts to the Soapbox and read what other people are saying.

Ended in December 2010

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