The screening of a film connects audiences to a wider dialogue about ideas, creativity, diversity and the world around us.

We are both an internationally renowned cultural cinema and the home of BFI Film Audience Network Hub for the South West, developing film culture across the region. We celebrate and screen new films and filmmakers, that would otherwise not be given exposure.

With audiences and participation at our heart, we produce an inclusive programme of talent development, cinema exhibition, events and festivals.

Europa Cinema Entrepreneur of the Year
Length: 2m 40s

In November 2010 Watershed, selected from among 1000 cinemas across 500 European cities, was awarded a major international prize by Europa Cinemas naming Watershed as 'Entrepreneur of the Year'.

The depict logo - three intersecting coloured circled overlayed that in combination make up the colours reg green and blue. With the word Depict overlayed
Project Ended in October 2022

Depict was Watershed’s international short film competition that we ran until 2022, challenging filmmakers to create 90 second ultra-short masterpieces.

Filmic poster
Project Ended in January 2013

Talks and interviews recorded as part of our annual Filmic programme, exploring the enduring relationship between music and moving image.

Length: 3m 13s

A regional professional development scheme for filmmakers, developing a network of talent in and around Bristol, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

McLuhan's Message green television graphic/logo
Project Ended in October 2011

Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Canadian academic and thinker, Marshall McLuhan – a season of seminars, special events, and screenings, and a dedicated website containing articles, interviews, films, and resources.

Photo of Marshall McLuhan
Project Ended in October 2011

A collection of panel discussions exploring the relevance of McLuhan's ideas to the modern world as we now know it.

Photo of Bernard Herrmann
Project Ended in June 2011

A series of talks, articles, and interviews celebrating the work of composer Bernard Herrmann, of Psycho, Vertigo and Taxi Driver fame.

Cannes International Film Festival 2011
Length: 4m 22s

Watershed's Head of Programme, Mark Cosgrove, talks his reasons for attending the 64th Cannes International Film Festival.

Project Ended in December 2010

A year-long season of events reflecting on cinema from 2000-09 and the films that began to define a new century of cinema.

Still from 'Nenette et Boni'
Project Ended in July 2010

In 2010 Watershed celebrated the work of French director, Claire Denis, with a retrospective marking the release of her feature, 'White Material'.

Cannes Film Festival 2010
Length: 3m 18s

Mark Cosgrove, Watershed's Head of Programme, talks about his trip to the film festival.

John Smith Promotional picture
Project Ended in November 2008

An award-winning experimental filmmaker who is noted for his use of humour in his films, which typically explore the medium of filmmaking itself

Still from 'Animal Love'
Project Ended in October 2008

In 2008 Watershed celebrated the work of Austrian director, writer, and producer Ulrich Seidl with this microsite.

Still from 'House of Flame'
Project Ended in March 2008

A season of screenings celebrating the work of Kihachirō Kawamoto, Japanese puppeteer, animator, and director.