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Bristol+Bath Creative R+D


Bristol+Bath Creative R+D is a new, £6.8 million collaboration to take the Bristol and Bath cluster to the next level by forging connections, sharing knowledge and creating new opportunities.

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Photo of Tony Bhajam, Inclusion Producer, Watershed

Tony Bhajam

Tony is an Inclusion Producer on the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D programme.
Rachael Burton

Rachael Burton

Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Producer


This first-of-a-kind collaboration between the region’s four universities - UWE Bristol, Bath Spa, the University of Bath and the University of Bristol - and digital creativity centre Watershed, intends to break down the doors, connecting the worlds of university research and creative business to develop a shared vision for tomorrow’s creative industries.

We’re here to make a real and lasting impact. To attract new talent and foster the next generation of original, diverse, creative minds. We want Bristol and Bath to carry the torch for jaw-dropping innovation, creating the most inventive, compelling new products, services and experiences. And we want to achieve this in an inclusive and sustainable way, working as one to create a positive economic, social and cultural impact.


Pathfinders are themed, creative R+D projects designed to lead the Bristol + Bath cluster into the future, engage with emergent technologies and develop a diverse new talent base. There will be 5 Pathfinders from 2019 until 2023.The first two Pathfinders are:Digital Placemaking (2019-20)Expanded Performance (2020-21)

Digital Placemaking

Digital Placemaking aims to enhance and deepen the relationship between people and places. We believe the best examples of digital placemaking are co-designed by different kinds of communities, using digital technology and creative solutions to improve or enhance the public experience of place.

Many of us already move seamlessly between digital and physical worlds in our day-to-day life. From Google Maps, to wearable technology, to playing Pokémon Go in the park; digital technology can make things easier, more enjoyable and more accessible. Of course, if it’s not done right, digital technology can also make things more confusing, alienating or overwhelming.

In the first Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Pathfinder, we’ll be bringing together new talent, university research and cutting edge industry and inclusion practice to address industry-wide challenges by making innovative work that finds its way to market and audiences. 

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