Cuisine+Colour serves to pioneer an original way of relishing food, where colour is delicious and cuisine is to dye for.

“A scene so unlike any restaurant or food event I have ever been to, or ever will again. If you see another event hosted by these fab people, I urge you to sign up.”

~ Avon Gorged

Cuisine+Colour is a dynamic collaboration between pop-up artisans Da Boes and visual artists Motley Collective. Da Boes (“good food” in Cornish) are interested in reworking traditional ideas of fine dining and pairing ingredients differently. Studio resident Sabrina Shirazi is the co-founder of Motley, and she creates imagery that explores the impact of colour when applied to the human body. Motley Collective began working with Da Boes in response to their mutual belief in the importance of ceremony and their interest in challenging dining etiquette through the medium of colour. 

Cuisine+Colour has grown rapidly in popularity after a series of events, all of which have been fully booked and recognised for their originality, atmosphere and superb food. They are passionate about designing dishes from high quality produce that will be wholesomely devoured to produce spillages and splatters of colour, from natural and healthy ingredients. 

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