In 2016 dancers, artists, circus performers and choreographers attended a workshop at Watershed to experiment with the Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM) developed by YCAM in Japan. RAM uses motion capture sensors to create real-time visual feedback through virtual environments.

Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM) is a project developed by YCAM that we feel particularly resonates with Watershed’s work, its community, and the wider dance and choreography sector in the UK. After initial discussions with creative practitioners, there was clearly a strong desire in the sector for an opportunity to explore the affordances of RAM.

With support from Daiwa Foundation and British Council we were able to bring RAM to the UK. In February 2016, we welcomed workshop participants chosen through an open call to work with Watershed and YCAM’s creative technologists and producers to start to explore RAM’s capabilities of developing new techniques of choreographing movement through new technologies dealing with motion data.

Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM) focuses on creating and shaping dance movement with real-time digital feedback. RAM Toolkit is a suite of tools designed specifically to capture dancers’ motion data, and to generate and operate a virtual environment that responds to movement to inspire and affect choreography. To find out more about RAM please visit YCAM’s website.

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