flea·pit n.

Chiefly British Slang. A cheap or squalid theatre.

flea cir·cus n.

A miniature novelty show of performing fleas.

The Fleapit is a miniature interactive cinema you can operate with your smartphone. Scan the QR code to gain control of the cinema, then open the curtains, dim the lights and play movies.

Exhibited at:

Encounters Film Festival (featuring DepicT! 90second films), Sep 2013 
Cary Grant Film Festival, Watershed, Oct 2014
The Rooms, The Island, Nov 2015
CMIR ONE, Centrespace Gallery, Dec 2015

Available for hire and can be programmed with your own films. The cinema is programmable with any digital moving image content – ideal for touring Film Festivals around the world.

Developed by Charlotte Crofts (Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE) andTarim (Media Playgrounds, Pervasive Media Studio) following demand from festivals to hire Projection Hero – an installation based at the Curzon Community Cinema. Bulky and too heavy for one person to travel, we wanted to build a smaller, lighter, mobile version that would be easier to transport, hence the Fleapit was born.

If you are interested in hiring The Fleapit then contact us

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