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Kicking the Mic

Guerilla Dance Project

Kicking the Mic is a live tap show that breaks all the rules...

Filmed using Nth Screen

Made by

Laura Kriefman, photo by Paul Blakemore

Laura Kriefman

Laura Kriefman is the founder and Creative Director of Hellion Trace.

Working with

Phill Tew

Phill Tew

Philip Tew is a curious blend of programmer and digital artist, leveraging skills gathered from an early age and honed in industry to create artworks that play with generative processing, physical modelling, real-time…

Lee Malcolm

Ben Winstone, The Gentleman Octopus

Gareth Griffiths, The Gentleman Octopus

Kicking the Mic is a live tap show that breaks all the rules. Listen as the percussive sounds of tap become different instruments- from flutes to tablas, to cellos. Watch as these are looped and layered to create full compositions all created by one dancer, live in front of the audience. With a fully reactive LED dress that pulses and changes colour in time to the live sounds, Guerilla Dance Project have once again risen to the challenge of creating an augmented dance show that fuses cutting edge technology, dance, live interactive sound and visuals. Kicking the Mic creates a three-way conversation between the audience, the dancer and the environment resulting in a mesmeric feedback loop of music and dance.

This project has been co-created by Artistic Director and choreographer Laura Kriefman (AKA Guerilla Dance Project)  and critically acclaimed composer Lee Malcom; the techno DJ and lead composer for the band Vessels.

Kicking The Mic’s unique fusion of live music, interactive visuals and dance will once again allow us to reach beyond the traditional dance market and engage audiences from music, live art, science, technology and digital backgrounds. The portability of the show allows for flexible programming to reach these audiences - for example in nightclubs, live music venues, outdoor events, public spaces, festivals, or as part of a mixed bill in compliment to other work - while Kicking The Mic’s full length one hour show will delight traditional dance audiences as part of a main programme.  

The project fuses tap dance, looping, live Midi manipulation of sound and wearable tech to allow one dancer (Laura Kriefman or Annette Walker) to create a richly layered composition of movement, light and sound. Laura wanted to use the sound of her live tap to generate the tracks and loops she moves to, creating a sort of mesmeric feedback loop of music and dance. In the performance, the dancer will dance on 4 wooden boards, which will each have a clip on guitar mic attached, to pick up all the sounds of her tap. The sound will be converted into different midi instruments, which will be controlled by a wireless remote controller attached to her arm.

Laura Kriefman has designed and built a fully reactive LED dress to wear while performing. The dress dynamically responds to the layers of sounds, changing personality with every track. Different loops of sound will affect the environment of the dress; a tap drum roll may light up and animate the whole dress, while a soft melodic loop may create warm clusters of light here and there.

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