"Somestic Media" is an installation comprised of three home appliances, an alarm clock, a TV set, and a radio. The trio are connected objects, purposely trapped within the boundaries of conventional media of the past century.

Each of them pulls, processes and displays specific data from a major social network. However, the three iconic devices are deprived of two-way interaction with the user, indispensable in the Internet age, due to their limited nature. These limits allow to isolate, amplify and expose the obscure and presumably frictionless communication processes, orchestrated by complex social media algorithms.

The specific features to be tackled are the ‘Last Seen’ in Facebook, Instagram’s ‘Top Live’ video stream, and the mating radius in Tinder. The display of the collect- ed data is inevitably satirical, due to the artefacts’ physical form and functionality, and of course, the quality of the transmitted content. However, it also manifests the game-changing impact social-media has towards our perception of time, distance, and transcendent importance, commonly referred to as conventional norms. The aim here is to render social media processes more tangible, perceptible and therefore accessible. Such exposure is vital for understanding how the new technologies change the way we live and socialise, and the information we, the current generation, take for granted.

Beyond this installation, we envision running a series of workshops, using the objects’ technical frameworks, base code and electronics. We hope to promote discussion around digital social standards, and the consequences of their leak into the physical world. In particular, we are interested in tackling topics such as digital empowerment, post-consumerism, trolling and cyberbullying, and data privacy. 

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