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LAX - Laboratory for Architectural Experiments

2015 Playable City Award Winner. A playful pack of wild beasts appear in unexpected places, waiting for people to play with them.

Urbanimals (Photo: Paul Blakemore)

Made by

Photo of Anna Grapjer

Anna Grajper

As an architect and researcher Anna tries to find novel ways of designing the Interactive Environment based on the language of play.
Photo Sebastian Dobiesz

Sebastian Dobiesz

Researcher as a PhD candidate at Wroclaw University of Technology, devoted to the topic of Spatial Compensations in modern cities.

Working with

Phill Tew

Phill Tew

Philip Tew is a curious blend of programmer and digital artist, leveraging skills gathered from an early age and honed in industry to create artworks that play with generative processing, physical modelling, real-time…
Molly Price

Molly Price

Molly is a designer and researcher with a background in architecture and site-specific interactive art. She has developed specialism in smart textiles and wearable technology through research and collaboration to create…
Picture of guest's AV performance at Crofters Rights 2019, using modular synthesisers and 16mm projections. Picture by Simon Holliday

Jasmine Butt

Jasmine is a musician, synth builder and AV artist who is currently exploring modular synthesis.

Akiko Takeshita

Akiko joined Watershed on a secondment from her role as Performing Arts & Technology Producer at Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media (YCAM).

Winner of the 2015 international Playable City Award Urbanimals was created by the Laboratory for Architectural Experiments, LAX, based in Poland. The winning project was chosen by a panel of judges from a shortlist of seven projects. 

A playful pack of wild beasts appeared in unexpected places across the city of Bristol, inviting people to play with them. Passersby were invited to leap with a dolphin, chase a shy rabbit down the pavement or skip with a cheeky kangaroo. Lurking behind city walls and hiding in dark corners, Urbanimals were eager to brighten the day.

Triggered by people passing or stopping, this magically interactive project stretched across the whole city and was created with a studio team, using projectors, sensors and custom made software. 


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