Elinor Lower is a Bristol-based writer, theatre-maker and participatory artist interested in how we are hyper-individualised as workers, citizens and humans. Elinor will develop we meet in the woods, a place-based multiplayer theatrical game exploring forest intelligence and the ways in which tactile technology such as vibration or sensors embedded in the landscape can make collaboration irresistible, and remind us of the parts of ourselves we have forgotten.

“The idea stems from questions I’ve been needling at, about how we might create spaces for collective imagining/decision-making, weave ourselves back into natural spaces and become more porous to more-than-human intelligences. And crucially: how we might do this through stories, games, in ways that are ridiculous, active, fun. I hope to write some fictions, bodge some tactile technologies and invite people to come do some weird stuff together in the woods.”

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