As Studio Community Lead, Martin takes care of our community of residents, and gives support in their creative and technical work. He leads the Studio Community team, which supports an ongoing and changing community, identifying and responding to their needs, as well as signposting opportunities, supporting the health and balance of the ecology, and connecting it to wider audiences

His responsibilities also include researching emerging technologies and communicating that research to the Watershed community through prototypes, demonstrations and face-to-face support. He looks after the Studio's collection of weird technology, from heart-rate monitors and conductive ink, through to the latest VR kit and an impressive selection of out-dated mobile phones.

Before joining Watershed, he had careers in software development, in academia and in exhibition design. As a freelance technologist, he's done everything from data analysis for the fashion industry through to consulting on the geology of fantasy worlds.

He also maintains his own digital arts practice, and a small collection of drawing robots.