Rewriting Film History (With The Women in It)

Rewriting Film History (With The Women in It)

Reframing Film

Panel Discussion

Please note: This event took place in July 2022

Archive activists Invisible Women speak to guest contributors including So Mayer (author of A Nazi Word For A Nazi Thing) and Isra Al Kassi (T A P E Collective Co-founder) about reimagining film history through a female-centric lens.

What might an alternative history of cinema, one with the women in it, really look like? Despite the considerable gains made by female filmmakers over the past few years, and the hard work of feminist critics who have been uncovering the creative contributions of women for decades, our mainstream understanding of film history remains stubbornly male-centric. 

Archive activists Invisible Women follow up last year’s lively discussion with a sequel focusing on the roles that female creatives played in shaping mainstream US cinema during the first half of the twentieth century.