May 2023 Cinema Podcast

This month Mark Cosgrove and Steph Read share their enthusiasm and thoughts for just a small selection of the films coming up this month at Watershed.

There's searching for identity in Return to Seoul – a striking film for its incredible lead performance, for its subject of place and belonging and for its beautiful cinematic style. Influenced by this Steph talks about the season of Sunday films she has curated throughout May. All are intriguing tales of identity formed rather than found, rather than traditional coming of age films.

Mark enthuses about being drawn into the different relationships, full of light and warmth, in Tunisian film Under the Fig Trees. A tale of camaraderie, sisterhood and the sharing of stories in a setting of implicit sensuality and naturalness.

Then there is The Eight Mountains, an emotional journey of friendship and reconciliation with the past, in the beautiful and idylic Italian Alps.

Followed by their thoughts on two restored Scorsese classics Raging Bull and Age of Innocence, highly recommended not only for their power and influence but also for the incredible work of legendary editor Thelma Schoonmaker. All rounded off by Mark and Steph's joyous reflections on the 40 year old classic Scottish film, Local Hero.

May is a month with much to look forward to.

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Posted on Fri 28 April 2023.

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