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Rife develops young people’s digital skills, voice, confidence, experience and networks so they go into the creative sector and thrive.
October 2019 Cinema Podcast

 October 2019 Cinema Podcast

Posted on Tue 1 Oct 2019

Our October Podcast discusses Shextreme and other highlights this month

Activities and Achievements

Published on Mon 30 Sept 2019

Watershed delivers a diverse cultural programme of films, events, festivals, artist commissions, workshops and conferences with audiences and participation at its heart. Find out more about some of that work here...

Depict ’19 Shortlist is live

Posted on Tue 3 Sept 2019

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year’s Depict - Watershed’s ultra-short film competition... and we need your votes to decide the winner of the coveted Depict IMDbPro Audience Award.
September 2019 Cinema Podcast

 September 2019 Cinema Podcast

Posted on Fri 30 Aug 2019

September Cinema at Watershed sees the arrival of the 25th Encounters Film Festival celebrating all things short film related, the release of uniquely British coming of age drama The Last Tree and two fantastic new releases to look forward to, Phoenix and Roja.

Cinema Rediscovered on Tour launches this weekend

Posted on Fri 2 Aug 2019

Following its UK Premiere right here in Bristol last week as part of our Cinema Rediscovered Festival, Robert Bresson’s newly restored French classic film Une Femme Douce will be opening at ICA in London from 2 August before touring cinemas nationwide as part of Cinema Rediscovered on Tour.

 Once Upon A Time in…Watershed 

Posted on Wed 31 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove

Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator at Watershed, pre-empts the “why are you not showing...” question with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and explains the rationale for not showing Quentin Tarantino’s new film.

 “Like a child, I have to poke at what’s forbidden” Violence and Consumerism in Isabella Eklöf’s Holiday 

Posted on Wed 31 July 2019 by Thea Berry

Isabella Eklöf’s directorial debut caused more than a stir on the festival circuit in 2018 due to the frank portrayals of violence. Rather than being viewed as gratuitous - a word so often associated with on-screen violence - Eklöf is demanding the audience connect with what they already know but choose to ignore, writes Watershed Cinema Producer, Thea Berry.
August 2019 Cinema Podcast

 August 2019 Cinema Podcast

Posted on Thu 25 July 2019

Rife Magazine, representation on screen, Almodovar's latest, a cinematic Cornish treat and French summer holidays all feature in a look ahead to August in film at Watershed. Watershed Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove is joined by Asmaa Jama from Rife magazine.

 Archiving and restoring Africa's film heritage: Visions and Challenges 

Posted on Mon 22 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove

Cinema Rediscovered founder and co-curator Mark Cosgrove sat down with Dr Aboubakar Sanogo, assistant professor of Film Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and North American Secretary of FEPACI, to discuss the challenges and vision for African film heritage.

 Musician Adrian Utley on working with Nic Roeg 

Posted on Mon 22 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove

Festival Founder and Co-curator Mark Cosgrove caught up with Bristol based musician, producer and composer Adrian Utley (Portishead) to talk about his experience of collaborating with director Nic Roeg on the BBC project Sound on Film (2000).