Dr Peter Walsh

Peter is a freelance researcher and editor specialised in early cinema and Swedish culture. Having written and presented extensively on the British film industry's earliest years, his research has been the subject of a BBC radio documentary, and his most recent work investigated the archival impulse as found in online film communities. Having co-founded South West Silents, he is also active in promoting film heritage through public screenings, live events, and walking tours. Peter is on the programming and editorial team for Cinema Rediscovered. 

Soylent Green
Posted on Fri 7 June 2019 by Dr Peter Walsh
Soylent Green reveals social and environmental issues that continue to resonate today, perhaps even more troubling than ever before. Film historian Dr Peter Walsh looks at how the film challenges us to ask how far we have come and what we can do to stop the grim dystopia from becoming our reality.
Orson Welles
Posted on Wed 25 July 2018 by Dr Peter Walsh
With unfettered access to Orson Welles' private drawings and paintings, held dear in the private archive of his youngest daughter, filmmaker Mark Cousins invites us into his Wellesian world, through the eyes of the great man himself, Dr Peter Walsh writes.
Posted on Mon 25 July 2016 by Dr Peter Walsh
Outside of the hour and a half to two hours you spend in front of a film, the context within which you meet the film, and the opportunity you have to process it afterwards can make...
Posted on Fri 22 July 2016 by Dr Peter Walsh
Still image courtesy of Il Cinema Ritrovato. Silent cinema was full of colour.It’s important to state this clearly, as decades of poor TV broadcasts, ropey home video releases,...