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In the 1960s, Canadian academic and thinker Marshall McLuhan revolutionised the way we think about technology and culture in books such as 'Understanding Media'. A professor of English Literature, a critic, and all round media guru, McLuhan's work has been appropriated by students, advertisers, filmmakers, and the media industry at large. He is most widely known for his aphorism 'The Medium is the Message', and concepts such as 'The Global Village' - his potent prediction of the electronically interconnected world we now live in.

In October 2011, Watershed celebrated the 100 year anniversary of McLuhan's birth, and hosted a season of seminars, special events, and screenings, and a dedicated website containing articles, interviews, films, and resources.

This collection contains some of the material from the Watershed microsite, and a collection of talks and panel discussions from the day-long McLuhan seminar events.

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McLuhan's Message was a Watershed Project in partnership with the Digital Cultures Research Centre at the University of West of England. Curated by Simon Poulter.

Ended in October 2011

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