From July to September 2015, robotics startup designer Vitória Maurício, game designer and producer Roz Dean and composer and designer Thomas Williams will be joining us for the Pervasive Media Studio’s 2015 New and Emerging Talent residency programme. The programme enables those at an early stage in their professional development time and space to think, share and explore ideas with structured support, as well as to receive desk space at the Pervasive Media Studio, a bursary and a dedicated mentor drawn from the Studio's wider community. 

Vitória Maurício

Vitória MaurícioVitória is lead designer for Open Bionics - she spends her time designing creative and customisable 3D printable robotic prosthetics. Open Bionics want to offer lightweight and low cost bionic hands that make amputees feel good about their limb differences, 3D printing bionic hands that aren’t made to blend in like NHS cosmetic prosthetics. With a background in 3D modelling, life drawing, anatomy and animation, Vitória is interested in multidisciplinary approaches to problem-solving as well as development of solutions using creative and science-based concepts.

During her time in residence, Vitória would like to explore alternative looks and functions of low-cost bionic hands, working in collaboration with Studio residents to explore new materials, different styles, colours, and even optional functions opening up the possibility of giving the wearer superhuman capabilities. Can we make colourful super-hero hands for children and fashionable / high-tech hands for adults?

Roz Dean

Roz DeanRoz is passionate about creating interaction, giving permission to be playful and merging reality and fantasy through events and happenings that often co-exist in numerous digital and physical spaces. In the past she has worked with former Studio residents Slingshot on their world-renowned zombie-chase game 2.8 hours later, and recently took part in Watershed’s Future Producers scheme.

Whilst in residence, Roz will be developing and testing ideas for workshops, playful events and street games, as well as exploring research questions around engaging adults with play, and whom the city belongs to.

Thomas Williams

Thomas WilliamsThomas is interested in creating new ways for audiences to experience, and interact with sound and music in physical spaces. Through interactive installations he combines music composition and interactive technology to invite people to step out of their daily routine and interact with something that might spark joy, curiosity or a childhood sense of wonderment.

In this residency, Thomas will be developing Beacon Choir, an interactive sound and light installations that invite audiences to become conductors of a sleeping choir, and awaken the music and sounds of a space. Consisting of a set of suspended objects (or beacons) that react to interaction, emit light and create sound. He is particularly interested in exploring the form and behaviours of his beacons to create music intelligently, music that has life its own, something that is visually and audibly beautiful.

You can follow their progress via the weekly blogs below.

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