Sky Orchestra delivers music to sleeping people from out of the sky. Created by artist Luke Jerram with composition from Dan Jones, the balloons take off at dawn and dusk with speakers attached, creating a massive audio landscape.

The latest Sky Orchestra performance took place in London to herald a year to go to the 2012 Games.The Mayor of London Boris Johnson teamed up with London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) to bring the project to the city between 22 - 27 July 2011.

iShed commissioned and produced a website for the 2011 Sky Orchestra which was supported by Watershed and Bristol City Council in order to showcase an extraordinary project which has its roots in Bristol.

The website, created by Play Nicely, features live tracking of The Sky Orchestra balloons on a Google map and archives of the balloons' journey that it can be re-played.  The live balloon data is captured by a custom-built Android phone app, created by The Pervasive Media Studio, which records the balloon's GPS  position every 10 seconds and uses the mobile network to relay this information to the web site.

Visit the Sky Orchestra website:

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