The Wisdom of Food

Project Ended in August 2007

Nii Obodai, recipient of the 7th Clark Bursary, explored the relationship between food, behaviour and peace.

Step Online

Project Ended in July 2007

An online gallery featuring five UK based Asian artists using the web to exhibit their work for the first time.

Dream Director

Project Ended in June 2007

A multi-user interactive installation developed by Luke Jerram, recipient of the 6th Clark Bursary, which audiences experienced during their sleep.


Project Ended in March 2007

Connecting Art, Industry and Innovation – Artists Placements

Movies + Shakers

Project Ended in September 2006

A creative multimedia project run by musician Tony Orrell in schools throughout Bristol.

  It May be Art but is it Film?

Posted on Thu 10 Aug 2017

A talk and presentation by Professor Ian Christie as part of British Art Show 6 events at Watershed.


Project Ended in July 2006

Soundtoys is a collection of experimental audio visual artworks from over 200 artists, designers, musicians and writers.


Project Ended in June 2006

Calling was a 2005 residency programme for three digital artists of African heritage run jointly by Watershed and Kuumba.

  BAFTA Short Film Paradise: Ken Russell

Posted on Thu 10 Aug 2017

Previously unreleased, this film contains highlights of a conversation between director Ken Russell and film critic Mark Kermode from Encounters 2006.

Project Ended in November 2005

A filmmaking summer school with 24 young filmmakers from Sweden, Lithuania and UK.

Art Tea in the Vanish Van

Project Ended in October 2005

Art Tea gave tea and cakes to shoppers waiting for buses and invited them to view a makeshift camera obscura.