Project Ended in August 2000

Artist Simon Poulter created Afterworld, a series of six works investigating online and offline culture, for the Clark/DA2 Bursary.

Holding Tank

Project Ended in June 2000

A moving image work by artist Philip Walker exploring his relationship with the imaginary physical space of the television screen.

Invisible Geographies

Project Ended in March 1999

Mongrel were awarded the 1999 Clark Digital Bursary to explore the social geographies of two cities using their own software.

Transparent Room

Project Ended in March 1999

A gallery installation at Watershed in 1999 projecting time-lapsed views from in and around Watershed into a 3D space.


Project Ended in October 1998

A multimedia installation and website from 1998 exploring peoples’ experiences of and emotional responses to flying.


Project Ended in August 1998

Include is an enchanting collection of images made by young people excluded from mainstream education using light and a camera.