Network for Creative Enterprise
A partnership which offered business support for creative individuals and small companies to develop a creative idea into an economically sustainable business.
Photo of a woman wearing headphones
Current activity
A five-year programme connecting the worlds of university research and creative business to develop a shared vision for tomorrow’s creative industries.
Welcome to the Pervasive Media Studio
Want to be inspired, take a break, and learn more about brilliant projects and people working with creative technology? Maybe you want to know what creative technology even is exactly? Visit the Pervasive Media Studio and find out more!
Layered Reality 5G weekend: an introduction
A short film introducing the Layered Reality 5G weekend: the first urban testbed for public users.
Photo of transducers workshop with five artists participating around a table.
Ended in May 2018
MAYK, Unlimited and Watershed worked in partnership in May 2018 to deliver Unlimited Connects, a day-long celebration with Deaf and disabled artists.
Photo of Layered Realities 5G showcase in Millennium Square Bristoltol
Ended in March 2018
An exploration of the potential of 5G through a series of experimental events - asking artists, researchers and creatives to produce bold new works in public space.
The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut
An immersive theatre piece, developed as part of our 2016 Artist in Residence programme, in which protagonist Afronaut Femi travels through space in search of life on other planets.
Current activity
Playable City puts people and play at the heart of the future city, re-using city infrastructure and re-appropriating smart city technologies to create connections – person to person, person to city.
Image of These Pages Fall Like Ash by Circumstance
Current activity
Watershed's annual funded Residency Programme supports practitioners to develop creative technology projects.
Bristol VR lab illustration
Current activity
As Watershed partners on a new Bristol VR Lab, we share knowledge and learning across Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality.
REACT logo - overlapping coloured circles
Ended in September 2016
A development scheme which enabled companies to research possibilities in digital media, create new ideas and deliver innovation to market.
Dancers in Danceroom Spectroscopy
Ended in November 2013
Part video game, part science visualisation, part art installation, and part social experiment
Stuart Nolan's ideobird
Ended in November 2013
In Autumn 2013 Watershed welcomed its first ever residents to mix technology with magic.
Photo of Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone
Ended in October 2013
A collection of projects which explore the creative potential of Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.
Photo of Submergence by Squid Soup
Ended in September 2013
Award-winning digital artists Squidsoup created an immersive large-scale light installation.
Photo of The Moon by Carmine Mauro Daprile
Ended in September 2013
Italian photographer Carmine Mauro Daprile's two photographs feature fantastical characters set against startling visions of the future.
Hello Lamp Post
Bristol's street furniture is waking up - and it wants to talk to you.
Photo of Maya by Luke Jerram
Ended in July 2013
Internationally renowned artist Luke Jerram's sculpture experiments with innovative digital technology and optical illusion.