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Meal Plans

Meal Plans is a research-led art project that imagines the future of food as if it were history.

Northumbrian Midge Burgers, 2012

Northumbrian Midge Burgers, 2012

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David Lisser

I think a lot about the future and I make sculptures and installations that explore our hopes and fears for tomorrow.

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Tarim creates Media Playgrounds - installations which people can both play with and build new and different places to play in.

Through an imaginative research process, Meal Plans will investigate and propose potential future scenarios for food and food-technology as if they were already history.

Working alongside Tarim, these scenarios will form the context for a new series of sculptures that act as pseudo-artefacts and fictional relics; the results of an imagined archaeological dig, excavated c2080.

Half deadly serious, half playful, Meal Plans will look at issues such as the future of global water security and in-vitro meat production but also asks what might happen if our fridge does our shopping for us and can we really improve on the wooden spoon?

By presenting the future as the past, this project aims to provoke an imaginative approach to the current challenges facing global food production and maybe raise a smile along the way.

David Lisser is currently Artist in Residence at Watershed and At Bristol. Meal Plans is made possible with the kind support of Arts Council England.


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