Air Matters: Learning from Heathrow is a forthcoming exhibition and programme of events at Watermans Arts Centre, 8th October – 31st Dec 2019, that explores the politics of air at London Heathrow. For some, the air at Heathrow is a space of networks and travel. For others, it is what they must breathe. The conflation of diverserequirements within one locale presents a significant societal challenge that hasimplications for sustainable development, well-being, and dignity. Air Matters responds to these challenges, bringing together newly-commissioned artworks, workshops and a symposium.

The exhibition will comprise of six commissioned works by Kate Carr, Nick Ferguson, Matthew Flintham, Magz Hall, Hermione Spriggs & Laura Cooper, and Louise K Wilson. Through investigations into sound and geography we will consider how the air shapes what can be felt and performed. Through study of birds and other airborne life, we will identify competing users of the air. Through mapping patterns of movement, we will make visible aerial architectures. We will ask what art can teach us about the air

My contribution “Sky Port” is named after a 70’s pirate station, will take the form of a radio inspired sound installation that exploring Heathrow, airspace across radio frequency.

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