The Rooms

Beacon Choir by Thomas Williams. Photo by Paul Blakemore.

We are passionate about the potential of technology to engage people and share knowledge. We use the power of collaboration to create transformative, disruptive and magical experiences.

Our programme of residencies, labs, events and funding schemes responds to emerging technologies, societal challenges and new partnerships. 

The Pervasive Media Studio, our world-leading research lab, is home to a thriving community of artists, technologists, start ups, researchers and industry. Playable City puts people and play at the heart of future cities around the world.

 Collaborating with Universities 

The Rooms festival, REACT
Article by Jo Lansdowne
Watershed works with Universities to support collaborative research and development between academics and practitioners. Together we are exploring digital cultures, designing new products and interrogating the potential of new technologies.

Developing Virtual Reality

Bristol VR lab illustration
Introducing a new lab and programme
As Watershed partners on a new Bristol VR Lab, we share knowledge and learning across Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality.

 How we work with artists 

Bear Abouts photo
Article by Clare Reddington
Watershed's approach is not characterised in a specific project or programme, but an ethos of open-ness, responsibility, partnership and passion.

 Our approach to business support for creatives 

Photo of post-it notes on a blackboard for Mapping Your Business Growth workshop
Article by Rachael Burton
Many of the people we work with have developed their ideas into successful and sustainable businesses. However, the leap from creative idea to sustainable business is a really big one. We are exploring how we can support artists and small creative businesses through this challenging journey of business development. We are at the start of the journey, and want to share our current thinking.

Our Residency Programme

Image of These Pages Fall Like Ash by Circumstance
Supporting ambitious creative practitioners
Watershed's annual funded Residency Programme supports practitioners to develop creative technology projects.

Playable City

Creating new civic conversation through play
Playable City puts people and play at the heart of the future city, re-using city infrastructure and re-appropriating smart city technologies to create connections – person to person, person to city.

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut
An immersive theatre piece, developed as part of our 2016 Artist in Residence programme, in which protagonist Afronaut Femi travels through space in search of life on other planets.

Watershed Sandbox: A How To Guide

Watershed Sandbox: A How To Guide
Over the last eight years Watershed has shaped and refined a talent development programme that supports brilliant people to try out new ideas with generosity and rigour. We call it...

 Why we share and open source 

Article by David Haylock
How and why we share and open source our technical processes.