What's on Today Sun 21 Oct

Bullet Boy 15 Working Class Sunday Brunches

Film Bullet Boy


Saul Dibb’s intelligent story about gang life made a big screen star of Londoner Ashley Walters, the young MC who had already entered the public eye with UK garage collective So Solid Crew, who brought huge presence and authenticity to a film that transcended the clichés of urban crime drama.

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The Wife 15

Film The Wife

13:00, 17:10

Glenn Close gives a truly masterful performance as a woman who has spent forty years sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to support those of her husband - until long-kept secrets are threatened to be exposed...

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First Man 12A

Film First Man

13:20, 16:50, 20:00

Hot on the heels of their Oscar®-winning smash La La Land, director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling reteam for this completely riveting story about the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the decade leading to the historic 1969 Apollo 11 flight.

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Dogman 15 (S)

Film Dogman

14:30, 19:40

Italian director Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah) delivers a masterful tale of twisted friendship with this jaw-dropping, based-on-fact tale of a timid dog lover driven to terrifying extremes when he hitches his star to a human beast he cannot control.

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Mandy 18

Film Mandy


"An all-time great Nicolas Cage wig out," "the midnight-iest of midnight films" are just some of the ways Panos Cosmatos' ferociously over the top heavy metal valentine of a film has been described, and we cannot wait for you to experience it.

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Fahrenheit 11/9 15

Film Fahrenheit 11/9


One of America’s most outspoken filmmakers, Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11), turns his sights on one of the most controversial figures of our time, in this fiery, furious account of the rise of one Donald J. Trump.

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