What's on Today Thu 19 Oct

This workshop looks at the lessons learned about the commercialisation of city spaces and the impact this has on the built environment.

Read More - Urban Speculations: Imagining Alternatives to the Built Environment

Michael Heseltine has always been a strong supporter of cities and devolution. He talks now about his vision for cities for the future and where devolution can go next.

Read More - Giving Power to the People: The Future of Devolution

This panel explores how the UN Sustainable Development Goals (which cover 17 areas where major progress is needed by 2030) are being implemented across the world.

Read More - Sustainable Development Goals and Cities: An International Perspective

This session brings together researchers, their partners and funders with the public to identify what has been learned about cities; identify strategies and programmes of work that will see cities transformed in the future; and identify where research is needed next.

Read More - New Approaches to Urban Living

How do we create sustainable cities? What powers must central government part with to allow cities to be free to act? How radical can cities be?

Read More - Sustainability and the Future of Cities

Andrew Moore will be in conversation with Nick Pearce about the current horizon for artificial intelligence, robotics and Big Data and the social, economic and political implications of technological change.

Read More - Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and US Cities in the Age of Trump

What are the benefits of this locally-focused financial ecology and what makes Bristol a centre for it all?

Read More - Keeping it Circular: The Opportunity of Locally Focussed Money

British director and screenwriter Sally Potter's (Orlando, Ginger & Rosa) eighth feature is a dark, political comedy served up at a dinner party gone very wrong.

Read More - The Party Book Tickets for The Party

In the wake of the decision to leave the EU following the 2016 referendum this session asks how might immigration change after Brexit? What are the risks or opportunities? And can a common ground be found or will there be further polarisation?

Read More - Immigration and Future Cities

Director Denis Villeneuve delivers big with this stylish, hallucinatory and utterly breath-taking sci-fi spectacle of gigantic proportions - the hugely anticipated follow up to the 1982 cult classic, which critics are already saying might actually be better than the original.

Read More - Blade Runner 2049 Book Tickets for Blade Runner 2049

The world's first fully painted feature film brings together the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to tell his extraordinary life story - and every one of the 65,000 frames of the film is an oil-painting hand-painted by a small army of 125 professionals.

Read More - Loving Vincent Book Tickets for Loving Vincent

From Pervasive Media Studio Residents, Raucous who gave us The Stick House in 2015 comes Ice Road: fusing performance, creative technology, original music, film and aroma to tell the story of the children war leaves behind.  

Read More - Ice Road Book Tickets for Ice Road

How different would cities be if women built them? How do we extend the rights to the city to all?

Read More - If Women Built Cities

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