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Fri 29 Oct - Thu 4 Nov

In Rebecca Hall’s exquisite directorial debut, two childhood friends are reunited as adults in 1920s New York, with one of them now 'passing' as white.

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Photos by Oona Chanfi

Black History Month 2021 at Watershed

Article by Jo Lansdowne

Black people have had their history written out – sometimes deliberately, sometimes systematically – of Britain’s story because it’s the history of slavery and empire and that doesn’t fit in with the comforting island story narrative. Black people were told that they had no history – Hegel said that Africa’s a place with no history – and that double act of erasure and denial meant that Black people had no story to explain why they were in Britain or how their relationship with Britain had been forged.

David Olusoga writing in The Guardian, September 2021

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A few highlights of things happening during Black History Month
Afrika Eye

Afrika Eye

Afrika Eye is back, after a year of not being able to connect with our audiences, we have a live programme across the city exploring global issues with Africa as the focus.

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Watershed Recommends

Peoples Platform
The Peoples Platform is an interactive public art experience centred on Colston's empty plinth and an invitation to Bristolians of all ages and backgrounds to submit designs for what they would like to see on the empty plinth. It’s also an invitation for the city to engage the discussion around who or what is celebrated in our public spaces and about how the city’s history and common values can be better reflected.