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Hazel Grian

Hazel is a writer currently developing a live show, which began as the VR film We Sing In Fire & Blood. With 30 yrs in the biz, mixing digital with real world, she's used a wide variety of media including robots & smell!

Hazel Grian


An interactive Science Fiction story told using a chatbot.

A TendencyTo Spill: using a chatbot as a storytelling platform.

This project began with an 1100-word short story I wrote a couple of years ago. I wanted to find out how much more of an intensely intimate reading experience I could create by using one-to-one digital interactivity.
A therapy robot designed to listen

Daemon Robot

A therapy robot, designed to listen to you.

Worked on

We Sing In Fire And Blood

We Sing In Fire And Blood is a virtual reality 'opera' exploring how we survive extreme violence. It is a unique and powerful VR piece based on a true story.

How To Build A Robot

What would happen if you found an abandoned robot alone in the streets at night Would you stop? Would you touch it and share your thoughts and vulnerabilities? And would this alter your perception of what you are?
360 Drama, Empathy and Mental Illness

Scriptwriting 360 Drama, Empathy and Mental Illness

This 360 drama app was created by Play Nicely with me, to help Nursing students understand the signs of mental illness in patients.

Being There

Being There brings a group of brilliant creative practitioners, technologists and academics together to explore how cutting-edge robotics can enable people to participate in public space.

My Big Break

"What shall I do? Angelina Jolie just offered me $10m to spike Jennifer Aniston's salad with nuts to set off her terrible allergy! Tell me what to do..."Rupert, a Hollywood wannabe, needs your advice. Can you help him achieve…

South West Artists Residencies 2010

In 2010, Watershed commissioned two research residencies at the Pervasive Media Studio that supported South West artists, to produce and present projects at the juncture of art, pervasive technologies and culture.

The Tweeture

A social creature, a monster/ robot keen to make friends. This soft, lovable robot is carried around to meet people, lively and hungry for social and digital interaction.

Hazel's current project is We SIng In Fire And Blood, a live theatre show in development that is essentially a rock musical that experiments with space and sound. Previously she worked on a childrens' game for the Science Museum. As a writer Hazel has a unique kind of expertise: beginning with 15 years in theatre, film and radio, followed by a decade of experimentation in digital storytelling. She collaborates with digital agencies, technologists and researchers because she is driven by a very strong creative ambition to reach audiences with the magic of storytelling heightened by new technology. Building robots, chat-bots and real world games, what all Hazel's ideas have in common is a strong sense of emotion and real innovation. Hazel has worked for Aardman Animations, the BBC, the smash hit zombie street-chase game 2.8 Hours Later, and has created an Alternate Reality Game for JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie. Hazel featured in Channel 4's "How To Build A Robot". In this documentary Hazel is part of a team creating an AI robot that, when left alone in the street, asks people what it means to be human. The project is lead by David McGoran of Rusty Squid who brought Hazel on board because of her unique set of skills as a street theatre performer, voice artist and a writer who understands 21st century audience experiences. 





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