Music Memory Box is a kit that you fill with objects, photographs and music. The technology within the box enables you to play songs through objects. Music Memory Box harnesses the evocative power of music to create a tool for people living with dementia to recollect, reminisce and reconnect with loved ones. 

Think object jukebox and Desert Island Discs combined! 

While visiting her Great Gran who was living with dementia, Founding Director Chloe Meineck witnessed the transformative effects of music. Her Great Gran would struggle to recognise faces but was instantly transported to a previous time when listening to music from her past. Finding that there was a lack of specialised and personal dementia music products, Chloe decided to create her own - and Music Memory Box was born. 

Following national and international interest in Music Memory Box, Chloe set up Studio Meineck, a design studio based in the Pervasive Media Studio, which specialises in designing with people, rather than for people. Music Memory Box is their first product. 

Music Memory Box has been covered nationally and internationally, including: New York Times,, WIRED and The Guardian. Music Memory Box was a finalist in the most Innovative Product Category in the National Dementia Awards

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