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Please note Films may move into different cinemas, and this calendar will always reflect the most up to date location.

Mon 18 Nov

Korean Film Festival: Flower in Hell classified 15 (S) at 18:00 (Intro)

Wed 20 Nov

Korean Film Festival: Grass classified 15 (S) at 18:00

Tue 3 Dec

European Cinema Night - Free Preview: System Crasher classified 18 (CTBA) (S) at 18:00 (QA)

Fri 6 Dec

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2019: Screwdriver classified 15 (S) at 18:00 (Intro)

Sat 7 Dec

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2019: The Apollo of Gaza classified 18 (CTBA) (S) at 18:00 (QA)

Sun 8 Dec

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2019: The Tower classified 12A (S) at 16:00 (Intro)

Thu 12 Dec

French Film Festival: Happy Birthday classified 15 (S) at 18:00

Fri 13 Dec

French Film Festival: Oh Mercy classified 15 (S) at 18:00

Sat 14 Dec

French Film Festival: Young Ahmed classified 15 (S) at 17:30

Sun 15 Dec

French Film Festival: Portrait of a Lady on Fire classified 15 (S) at 14:00

Thu 23 Jan

Slapstick 2020: Pierre Étaix: Yoyo classified PG (S) at 13:30 (Intro)

Slapstick 2020: European Silent Clowns classified PG (S) at 16:00 (Intro)