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Beloved Sara Zaltash

Beloved Sara Zaltash is a British-Iranian artist, astrologer and musician, Fellow of the Schumacher Institute, Associate Fellow of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, and Resident of Pervasive Media Studio and Studio Holder at the Jam Jar.

Recently joined

Photo of Cèlia Domínguez Hernàndez - Network Producer (matertnity cover) - Pervasive Media Studio. Photo Credit Tony Samuels

Cèlia Domínguez Hernàndez

Cèlia supports the Pervasive Media Studio community to develop new partnerships and networks; making its R&D community more visible and creating more accessible opportunities to participate.
head shot of smiling person with brown skin and curly hair tied back, stood against a white background

Erinma Ochu

A biologist by background, Erinma is interested in collective consciousness and how values, beliefs and social norms come to life in subcultures of technology and scientific practice.
Profile of George Magner, Resident at Pervasive Media Studio

George Magner

I am a writer, filmmaker, and creative learning practitioner exploring co-authored models of storytelling through screen-based, immersive and social technologies. Alongside running my production company, Mountain Way Pictures, I am developing a slate of work focusing on the inner lives of prisoners.
Black woman, flattop afro, brown zip up top.

Mena Fombo

It's completely in your hands!

Mature woman, grey hair pulled off face with yellow and black scarf, wearing glasses, an egg-yolk yellow jacket, amber bead necklace over a black t-shirt.

Fanny Eaton-Hall

Fanny's fabrications, expression through textiles and threads.

East Asian female leaning against white wall under shades of trees

Kexin Liu

Artist & Designer

Portrait picture of a Jamaican/Scottish woman slightly smiling with bright red lipstick. Her black curly hair tied loosely back, her chin resting on her hand

Deanna Rodger

Poetry &

Lawottim is a black male in his early 30s wearing an orange hat and laughing for some reason.

Lawottim Anywar

Studio Coordinator

Joseph Wilk portrait, a man with dark hair and glasses sitting in front of a laptop against a pink and purple oil projector image

Joseph Wilk

MyWorld Fellow in residence

A white woman with green hair, wearing a VR headset


Building virtual worlds to change the world

A headshot of a young white woman with shoulder length brown hair in a floral shirt.

Nia Evans

Freelance Producer (Theatre & Expanded Cinema)

photo of resident

David Matunda

Web Developer, Digital Artist, Writer

William working over a light table.

William Arthur

Artist and Animator

Image generation, red warmth within purple


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A brown woman with long dark hair and big smile. Roseanna wears a bright orange jumper and is standing in front of a lush green plant.

Roseanna Dias

Studio Susegad

Picture of a woman with brown hair and a fringe, and a yellow jumper.

Ruth Mariner

Creative Director | Storyteller | Stage | Multimedia Performance | XR

Portrait of Eirini Lampiri

Eirini Lampiri

Production Designer | Art Director | Maker - XR | Film | Performance

A bearded white man in his fifties wearing glasses

Richard Sewell

Making giant joyful robots

Headshot/portrait picture of Jake's face against a white background.

Jake Gaule

Composer, Sound Designer, Guitarist, Game Developer

A colour photograph of a white man in his 30s with a short ginger beard and moustache wearing a black and white checkered chef's cap, and chef's whites. He's leaning over a large grey panel that serves as a serving hatch in a cafe. In front of the serving hatch is a white woman in her 40s wearing a black cap and a black boilersuit. She's miming holding a cup and the other hand signals the OK sign for divers, fingers forming a loop with the little fingers sticking up.

Brave Bold Drama

award winning theatre & community arts

Headshot of a modern Morris dance outfit with ribbons & bells

Madame Ceski / Francesca Simmons

Musical Shapeshifter - performer, composer, maker

Annie sitting in the joey pod: a timber structure with LED lights.

Annie Davies

Artist, designer and access consultant, specialising in neurodiversity

Graham is a person with a beard and a mohawk. He is stood in a dimly lit forest wearing a black vest.

Graham MacLeod Johnson

Producing, Radical Wellbeing, access, and more.