a picture of Simone on Troopers Hill in Bristol with a lovely view of houses in the distance

Recently joined

Simone Einfalt

Visual artist and Filmmaker exploring subjective and collective memory in connection to place, identity and belonging

Recently joined

A headshot of Alison who is smiling at the camera.

Alison Farina

Micro-resident on the Watershed MyWorld Ideas programme.
A headshot of Alisha taken from a low angle. They look into the distance beyond the camera.

Alisha Morenike Fisher

Micro-resident within Watershed's MyWorld ideas programme.
A close up shot of Zoe's head. She looks directly at the camera.

Zoe Robinson

Micro-resident as part of Watershed MyWorld Ideas programme.
Joseph Wilk portrait, a man with dark hair and glasses sitting in front of a laptop against a pink and purple oil projector image

Joseph Wilk

MyWorld Fellow in residence

Portrait of Ben Samuels, a person with a beard and glasses, set against a dark backdrop.

Ben Samuels

MyWorld Fellow in residence

A white woman with green hair, wearing a VR headset


Building virtual worlds to change the world

A headshot of a young white woman with shoulder length brown hair in a floral shirt.

Nia Evans

Freelance Producer (Theatre & Expanded Cinema)

photo of resident

David Matunda

Web Developer, Digital Artist, Writer

William working over a light table.

William Arthur

Artist and Animator

A brown woman with long dark hair and big smile. Roseanna wears a bright orange jumper and is standing in front of a lush green plant.

Roseanna Dias

Studio Susegad

Picture of a woman with brown hair and a fringe, and a yellow jumper.

Ruth Mariner

Creative Director | Storyteller | Stage | Multimedia Performance | XR

Portrait of Eirini Lampiri

Eirini Lampiri

Production Designer | Art Director | Maker - XR | Film | Performance

A bearded white man in his fifties wearing glasses

Richard Sewell

Making giant joyful robots

Headshot/portrait picture of Jake's face against a white background.

Jake Gaule

Composer, Sound Designer, Guitarist, Game Developer

A colour photograph of a white man in his 30s with a short ginger beard and moustache wearing a black and white checkered chef's cap, and chef's whites. He's leaning over a large grey panel that serves as a serving hatch in a cafe. In front of the serving hatch is a white woman in her 40s wearing a black cap and a black boilersuit. She's miming holding a cup and the other hand signals the OK sign for divers, fingers forming a loop with the little fingers sticking up.

Brave Bold Drama

award winning theatre & community arts

Headshot of a modern Morris dance outfit with ribbons & bells

Madame Ceski / Francesca Simmons

Musical Shapeshifter - performer, composer, maker

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Annie sitting in the joey pod: a timber structure with LED lights.

Annie Davies

Artist, designer and access consultant, specialising in neurodiversity

Graham is a person with a beard and a mohawk. He is stood in a dimly lit forest wearing a black vest.

Graham MacLeod Johnson

Producing, Radical Wellbeing, access, and more.

A hairy man's head staring into the distance with blue sky behind

Oliver Humpage

Technologist & musician

Imagine of a Black man on stage performing. The background has a green light and he is wearing a black shirt with a wide-brim hat speaking into a microphone

Ifẹ G

Performer, Writer, Producer, Campaigner and Educator

A faded image of a black woman with silver earrings and in traditional Somali dress superimposed onto the entrance of a dark building looking out onto plants and trees.

Ayan Cilmi

Filmmaker, thinker, notetaker, and creative

white women with short brown hair. Wearing a denim shirt and multi-coloured necklace.

Emma Boulton


Heather Gibson / HAG

Heather Gibson

Craftivist & Creative Producer

a white trans masc person with dark hair smiling slightly at the camera. they are wearing a cap, gold glasses and a t shirt striped with the colours of the trans flag. the background is the studio meeting space

Freddie Wulf

visceral & visual performance

Headshot of Chi Thai

Chi Thai