Charlie Harman

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Charlie Harman

A creative producer and marketeer inspired by the immersive power of cinema and the spine-tingle of live performance!

Recently joined

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Joe Hill

Joe is a composer, performing musician & sound artist. He's a nerd for nature and his work focuses on using interactive, tactile and musical ways to explore environmental issues from a place of story, psychology and empathy.
Owain Astles

Owain Astles

Owain Astles is a filmmaker, photographer and visual activist. His work focuses around empowerment through participation, art as activism and the creation of immersive environments.
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Auroch Digital Ltd

Independent game development and consultancy studio based in Bristol, UK. Known for our high-quality, faithful adaptations of classic board game IPs.
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Jo Bannon

Jo is a performance maker, writer and dramaturg

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Claire Morwood

Game designer and artist

Jess Bunyan

Operations Manager

Debs Hoy

Creative Producer, Visual Artist & Writer

Photograph of Alison standing in her studio, surrounded by sketches and theatre model boxes.

Alison Neighbour

Scenographer, theatre designer, performance maker.

Co-Director and producer of Trigger making live, theatrical and visual work.

Natalie Adams

Co-Director, Trigger

Magz Hall

Expanded Radio

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Melissa Blackburn

Melissa Blackburn

Watershed Producer

Lisa Harewood

Lisa Harewood

Multiplatform storyteller

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Hannah Brady

Watershed Producer

c/o of Allie Joy

Allie Joy

Visual Artist

Glen Walton

Interactive touch-based musical installations

Emma Bettridge



Savinder Bual


Raquel Meseguer

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting (the subversive act of horizontality)