A close-up of artist Sylvia Rimat in a forest, with the palm of one of her hands over one of her eyes, revealing a tattoe-like drawing of what could be a tree or a neuron.

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Sylvia Rimat

Sylvia is a performance artist, producer, mother, lover & eco-system of micro-organisms. Her work manifests in studio shows, 1-2-1 performance, encounters in public space, site-specific work & recently an App.

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A head and shoulders picture of Tom against a white wall.

Tom Forsey

Tom Forsey is a filmmaker from Bath. He recently completed his master's degree in Earth Sciences at UCL, focusing on carbon capture and storage technology. Tom primarily works as a commercial freelance filmmaker but is…
A hairy man's head staring into the distance with blue sky behind

Oliver Humpage

Ex-Watershed Head of IT, now helping artists and charities with their technology & organisational needs both big and small
A faded image of a black woman with silver earrings and in traditional Somali dress superimposed onto the entrance of a dark building looking out onto plants and trees.

Ayan Cilmi

Ayan Cilmi is a filmmaker, thinker, notetaker, and creative, currently occupied with the themes of surveillance, plastic, climate collapse, and displacement. She has performed her work as part of Haramacy at the Trinity…
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Image of Fozia

Fozia Ismail

Joyful cultural confrontations through food

Photo of Tony Bhajam, Inclusion Producer, Watershed

Tony Bhajam

Inclusion Producer

Joe Hill Pervasive Media Studio resident profile photo

Joe Hill

Composer - Performer - Sound Artist - Maker

Owain Astles

Owain Astles

Filmmaker | Photographer | Visual Activist

Auroch Digital Ltd. Logo

Auroch Digital Ltd

Connecting the real world with the digital through gaming

Scarlett stands just right of the centre holding two hula hoops by her waist. She is smiling, surrounded by bubbles and wearing a green boiler suit with a sequin star on the chest pocket.

Scarlett Smith

Playable circus theatre.

A photo of Tessa Bide with a puppet.

Tessa Bide

Theatremaker, puppeteer and performer. AD of Tessa Bide Productions.

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Image of Sarah Barnes, DCRC Research Coordinator

Sarah Barnes

Sarah is Research Coordinator for the Digital Cultures Research Centre

Image of Aste on stage speaking at a podium

Åste Amundsen

Theatre Maker, Experience Designer, Researcher

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xavier velastin power plays poetry nhs

Xavier Velastín

Sound Artist, Technology, Water Freak

Dan Pollard

Dan Pollard

Composer, musical instrument builder and sound artist

Camille Aubry

Camille Aubry

Live illustrator and cartoonist

Alison recording sound in the Hebrides, Scotland.

Alison Bown

Interactive Narrative, Sound, Social Change

Richard Norton, Derek Ahmedzai and Kerry Harrison from Tiny Giant

Kerry Harrison, Richard Norton and Derek Ahmedzai

Moving ideas with minds and machines

still from The Season of Burning Things

Asmaa Jama

Poet and artist

Pilar Santelices

International Creative Producer

anibotics logo

David Smee

Recycling, Robotics and Conservation

The Queen is Dead performance

Liz Clarke

Live Artist

Andy Council

Andy Council

Illustrator and Mural Artist